VHC Brands Launches Instagram

We just love taking pictures of our Bella Taylor handbags and accessories. What better way to share them with you than Instagram? 100 million active Instagram users agree – it’s quick, it’s fun and most importantly, people just like to look at pretty pictures.
We will primarily focus on product, but we’ll also give you a glimpse into the creative process, sneak peeks at upcoming launches and fun action shots from our photo shoots. It’s the perfect place for our BT fans to see and share our beautifully handcrafted quilted handbags.
It will be interesting to interact with end users in this visual social media environment. So what are you waiting for? Go ‘follow’ mybellataylor  on Instagram and share in our excitement!
Oh and one last thing – keep an eye out for more exciting social media news in the very near future…
Ashlee Colliver,
Marketing Director

Patriotic Promotion Coming Soon!

Get Set for the next Event and Get Busy!  That’s how we all feel at VHC Brands these days.  It’s been a very good year so far, and overall the reception to our hundreds of new product launches has been great.

A common theme among buyers new and continuing is that we offer A LOT of product.  That’s good and bad. Great to have variety, but lots of choices to work through and make decisions about.

The breadth of the line prompted us to reassess our marketing plan and develop events throughout 2013 to specifically highlight the various categories – and give retailers reasons to purchase from them.  With discounts ranging from 10% to 75%, events are the perfect time to try something new or tuck into bestsellers in the category.  Our first two events this year – March Window Treatment Event, and April Warehouse Liquidation Event – have generated extremely positive responses.

Our Patriotic Event will run May 1 through June 30th, with hundreds of Americana and patriotic-themed décor items being promoted in a theme-specific 32-page catalog (available online April 25th and in print April 30th).  The perfect tie-in for Memorial Weekend thru 4th of July extended weekend store promotions.


Check www.vhcbrands.com for the latest info and pricing, and happy selling!


Holiday Catalogs

We’ve wrapped up our first-ever Window Treatment Event (end March 31).  Thanks to all of our dealers who participated and made this Event a huge success!  We are busily looking forward to many exciting projects and future Events here at VHC Brands.  Here’s a quick review of what’s around the corner:

Beginning Monday, April 1 we started a month-long Liquidation Event.  What better way to celebrate tax season?  All items are under a Liquidation category on both ordering sites: www.vhcbrands.com and www.mybellataylor.com. We have some great items at discounts up to 75% off – don’t miss this bargain-heavy happening!

Jingle Bells!  In a few short weeks, buyers will have digital access to our 2013 Holiday Book.  Check out great new Christmas and harvest launches, as well as some continuing favorites in every holiday.  I tried to slip in a preview of our new products for you – but I wasn’t sneaky enough: all I could get past our CEO was the cover.  The catalog will be available online by May 1, and a printed copy is being sent out with our fall new launches Supplement in July.

[lightbox type=”image” title=”” href=”http://corporate.vhcbrands.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/04/HolidayCatalog-Cover-Optimized.jpg” youtube_id=”” vimeo_id=””][frame_center src=”http://corporate.vhcbrands.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/04/HolidayCatalog-Cover-Optimized-249×300.jpg” href=””][/frame_center][/lightbox]

Shotgun Shells!  Not really, but our Spring/Summer Patriotic Event (May 1-July 5) deserves a 21 gun salute!  As many of you know, we offer a large variety of Americana across all product categories.  This year, to really kick off the Great American Patriotic Season (which we deem to be approximately from Memorial Day thru Labor Day at retail), we have a fantastic sale event on almost all our Americana-inspired product, including select Bella Taylor designs.  This is an Event you will not want to miss.  Look for more details – and a catalog – as we get closer to launch.

[frame_center src=”http://corporate.vhcbrands.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/04/AmericanParade-Optimized.jpg” href=””][/frame_center]

Fashionista File: BryAnne Schwarz, our Bella Taylor Creative Specialist, is busy putting the finishing touches on Bella Taylor Fresh Style 2013: Volume II.  The Vol. II Catalog is packed with Spring/Summer 2013 launches as well as many of our best sellers and our own office favorites.  If you’re not a BT dealer, there has never been a better time to add this fast-growing brand to your store(s).  Short on space?  Try our new scarves – they are going fast!

Make sure you sign up for our EBlasts, and contact your Account Manager today to get ready for a BUSY, exciting selling season this year!

Window Treatment Event

We are happy to announce our first ever Window Treatment Event – happening the entire month of March 2013.

[frame_center src=”http://corporate.vhcbrands.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/02/Fenced-In_Prairie-Curtain-Set.jpg” href=””]Fenced In Prairie Curtain[/frame_center]

All of our more than 400 window SKUS are discounted in March, with discounts ranging from 10% to 50% on selected items. That means even our very popular, bestselling window treatment is specially priced this month. In addition, bulk quantity purchase discounts by SKU and total dollar purchase discounts still apply.

[frame_center src=”http://corporate.vhcbrands.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/02/32_Burlap_Panel-Lifestyle.jpg” href=””]Burlap Panel, shown in natural[/frame_center]

It’s the perfect opportunity to try out the best of what we have to offer. For 2013, we have expanded our bestselling natural-color unlined Burlap window line with additional products, and also, added new colors. Tobacco cloth is a great new window (and table) line we are offering, which is similar to cheesecloth and gives a casual, cottage or rustic charm to any room.

[frame_center src=”http://corporate.vhcbrands.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/02/Tobacco-Khaki-Panels.jpg” href=””]Tobacco Cloth Panel, shown in khaki[/frame_center]

Spring is the perfect time for you to try out new categories while the year is still mostly ahead of you, giving time to adjust your planning accordingly if you find something from our event that becomes part of your permanent merchandise plan. If you are already a VHC partner, click here to view items and sale pricing. If are not currently a dealer, but interested in becoming one, click here.

More events are planned for 2013, highlighting various product segments of our overall offerings in VHC Brands. In the works are themed events including Patriotic Décor and Holiday Décor, as well as special promotions for Bella Taylor.

Join our email list, or call your Account Manager to learn more details about the March Window Treatment Event.

Happy Selling!

Ken Kline