New holiday catalogs now available

We’ve just completed our 2014 Holiday Catalog! You’ll see these in your mailboxes in June, but you can get a sneak peek right here if you  like to get ahead on your Harvest and Christmas planning.

For the first time, we are introducing a complete Christmas bedroom set with our Nicholas collection. These items were designed with Christmas in mind, but the geometric pattern and muted, classic color palette will look great in year-round decor.

There are also several new tree skirts, stockings, mantel scarveswine bags and more to add the perfect backdrop to the holiday season. You’ll love the nostalgic vignettes in the new Cabin Christmas collection, and the beautiful mixture of textures in the Natural Burlap & Creme Voile items. And the North Star collection, featuring appliquéd stars on creme felt are sure to be a big hit. Those are just three of the eight new holiday collections now available for preorder. We’re also bringing back many of your favorite seasonal items so it’s a great time to iron out your holiday plans.

We’re sure you and your customers will love these rustic, whimsical items. Contact your Account Manager to make sure you have plenty of items in stock this holiday season!


Whirlwind trip to our India offices

Our product development team just got back from a trip to our offices in Noida, India. We have a design staff there, along with full-time quality assurance teams that manufacture our products. Multiple times each year we visit the facility to meet with vendors and see the newest textures and techniques available in home textiles, and choose which of those to bring to our buyers.

P1050503 copy

Our employees are highly skilled, and can quickly cut perfectly straight lines by eye, like this trimmer you see working on a section of our Wendon Star collection. His job is to ensure that each piece of rough fabric is cut to the exact specifications of the final piece. He starts with the fabric, sewn to the batting, then using just his eye and his scissors, cuts perfectly straight lines which will later be stitched to created the final product. Each piece is hand cut and then checked for quality and precision before it can make it to the next station.

P1050511 copy

Here you see one of our Wendon Star quilts next in line in the production cycle. Each item is scrutinized by a quality control specialist, who performs minor repairs, perfecting imperfect stitches and checking the quilt by our specification standards.


Each trip is very tightly planned weeks in advance to allow for maximum productivity and workflow with our India and US-based design teams. As soon as Bella Taylor owner Julie Kline arrives, she steps to the nearest conference table to start reviewing swatches from vendors.

P1050540 copy

Our quilts have always been hand-stitched, but we use this industrial quilter for our Bella Taylor fabrics. The machine is housed in its own room and is incredibly loud and fast. Our team says it was amazing to watch, mesmerizing even, as the machine threads in a pattern and moves back and forth.


It wasn’t all work for our team, though. Part of the planned schedule includes a Sunday of shopping and sightseeing in New Delhi. The group got to visit the India Gate, a popular national monument that commemorates the 70,000 Indian soldiers who lost their lives fighting for the British Army during World War I. It was surrounded by a beautiful park, and packed with tourists and picnickers.

We are working hard on brand new collections for you, and can’t wait to show you all the new things we have in the works for our upcoming launches. Stay tuned!

Seasonal and Fall collections preview

We know it seems like Spring has only just arrived, but we’ve been hard at work for some time on our Fall and Holiday collections.

These beautiful, classic sets will be available for preorder in mid-May, but you can get a glimpse of the collections right now in our lookbooks.

We’re excited to bring you these new collections. Which one is your favorite?