5 Commandments for Successful Shipping in 2016

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Spring cleaning is in full effect at VHC Brands. Computers and forklifts are humming from holiday activity, and we are still buzzing from too many sugar cookies and Uncle Billy’s eggnog. The hustle and bustle inspired us to start strategizing for 2016 by looking at successes and lessons learned in 2015.

Year after year, our Shipping Department continues to be the shining star on the vest of our corporate profile. We are fast. Verging on the brink of light speed fast.

So, just in time for your corporate New Year’s resolutions, we are giving you our 5 Commandments for Successful Shipping in 2016:

  1. Orders are King. The backbone of any organization is cash flow, and the flow’s speed and dependability rely on timely transaction fulfillment. Understanding this concept is the key to mentally esteeming orders as a top priority, daily and hourly.
  2. Know thy product. The difference between a Walmart employee and a Best-Buy employee is in-depth training, product knowledge and simply, a passion for the product and the industry. We believe the same passion is needed on a shipping floor. Every member of our shipping team starts by pulling product, a system designed to make expert staffers through repetition and familiarity of handling the product daily.
  3. Cross-train, Cross-train, Cross-train. Every member of our shipping team has a specific role. However, each team member is also cross-trained as well, so the wheels of our highly efficient operation do not dismantle with absences. Each team member is like a versatile spoke, moving around within the department to fill in holes and support where needed.
  4.  Strive for Perfection. Errors are manageable when systems and operational expectations are advocated with dedication and rigor. For every single package that ships from VHC, it has been inspected and verified by no less than 4 people. This level of verification eliminates and prohibits discrepancies by 99.5%. We set our goals high by modeling after industry leading retailers like Amazon, who published their Leadership Principles here. One principle is “Insist on the Highest Standards” which states that leaders should be “continually raising the bar and driving their teams to deliver high quality products, services and processes.” We couldn’t agree more.
  5. Cut the Clutter. The last commandment is more logistic than operational, but it is the reason our team can work with such high efficiency. The Shipping Department’s environment is spotless, diligently organized and is equipped to handle impromptu situations. For every single product launch, the warehouse completely resets to eliminate chaotic overflow areas, no “leave for tomorrow” clutter and absolutely no obstacle-causing crowded aisles.

These commandments are more than just a cheesy motivational poster in the break room. They are rules that shape our operations, guide our employees, and provide a public outline for our customers that shows the reliability of our business. Whether we are shipping one little coaster to Iowa or hundreds of boxes to New York, each order is pulled quickly and accurately because of our ability to implement these commandments.

Happy shipping in 2016 from VHC Brands. We hope your corporate New Year’s resolutions involve a few shipping updates themselves!


-VHC Brands, the fastest shippers in the biz.