New Line: Ashton & Willow


We are always moving and shaking here at VHC, so much so it’s hard to keep up sometimes! But one thing we never forget to keep up with is making sure the quality of our products is top notch; it’s what we’re known for. Keeping with that tradition, we are excited to announce the launch of Ashton & Willow©.  This new top-of-bed product group is designed to compete directly with Chinese import pricing. The difference will be characterized by premium-quality features with hand-quilted finishing touches that will allow us to stand out amongst similarly priced products.


We let some sneak-peeks leak out to a few selected buyers earlier this year, the feedback and support was so overwhelming we chose to offer select Ashton & Willow Spring 2014 collections to be pre-launched this fall. An even more extensive regular launch will occur in December.  Items include patchwork bedding, shams, pillows, bed skirts, throws and window treatment.  The initial pre-launch is similar to the country primitive looks of our Lasting Impressions line. Future designs will appeal to a wide variety of tastes within the country/Americana home décor category; ranging from rustic and primitive to cottage, coastal, and vintage.


It’s exciting to see our premium bedding collections under the Lasting Impressions ® label now supplemented with an equally strong, compelling brand story addressing a more middle-market user and price point. There is a tremendous void in the current market for this level of product.  Nobody offers real woven plaids, specially-designed prints, and the hand quilted finishing touch that defines VHC as a superior choice when compared to Chinese imports. We don’t believe Americans deserve less quality with increasing costs in their choice of bedding, we believe they deserve and want more.  Ashton & Willow presents a real alternative to a sea of sameness, with no compromises on what aspects of our business our buyers love.


What’s in a name?

Ken Kline, CEO, was just out of college, and learning to decorate his small rented townhouse in urban west LA “on a dime.”  Flea market chic and “repurposed” were the rules for him in those days, well before they were trends.  Similarly, Nancy Kline, the company founder, had for years learned to stretch her decorating dollars with a full house of 4 children, a husband and a live-in parent in Shreveport, Louisiana.

Ashton Avenue & Willow Point were both in neighborhoods not considered the “A List” in their towns.  But they were picturesque, a place where a walk was relaxing, where neighbors didn’t try to out-Jones each other, and where everyone took pride in the things they owned, in their homes, and in their freedom to express themselves in their décor.  Ashton Avenue has many wonderful memories for Ken, as does Willow Point for Nancy.